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Tal Assa
Sporten die wij aanbieden
Aerobics BBB Bootcamp Bootcamp voor beginners Bootcamp voor gevorderden Buddy training Circuittraining Conditietraining Core power Core stability training CrossFit Fatburning Fitness Functionele fitness Gewichtheffen Hardlopen H.I.I.T. Kettlebell Lifestyle coach Morning Workouts Personal training Senioren fit Total workout

Group training
1 on 1 training
Body weight training

functional training

Resistance bands

Waar geloof ik in als trainer?
Training your body is something, but without changing to a healthier diet it is close to nothing. 
Opleiding & Diplomas

In 2009 I finished a fitness instructors course in Tel Aviv in Siim Campus. Worked as fitness instructor in gyms for about 4 years. Been doing personal training since 5 years.


5 years working in a gym as a fitness instructor.

4 years and on working as a personal trainer 
during that time guiding group training in parks using body weight or resistance bands.

Waarom zouden mensen contact met mij opnemen?
To achieve your goals you need a someone that will always be there for you, keeping you motivated and thirsty for more. With my passion to fitness and your strong desire to reach the next milestone, you'll feel the change in body and spirit in no time!
Extra info
Contact me now to find out how the make a healthy change in your life.