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Vivian Hylkema
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Afvalspecialist Bewegen voor ouderen Bootcamp Circuittraining Conditietraining Core power Core stability training Earlybird Workouts Fatburning Fitness Fitte moeders Gewichtheffen High impact H.I.I.T. Kettlebell Lifestyle coach Morning Workouts Paardrijden Personal training Spinning (groepsfitness) Sportevenementen Stepdance Steppen Step/shape Teambuildingsactiviteiten Total workout TRX Voedingscoach Wandelen
Weight Training, women in strength training,  fatloss programs, changing MindSet coaching , SPEAKER Experience with Eating Disorders,  BODY IMAGE Specialist, RESULTS are the OUTCOME of the EFFORT you put into each step along YOUR personal JOURNEY towards the DESTINATION you DESIRE. I am here to  support you, to keep you accountable, provide you with the tools to create each new result. I can get you to YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME in your FITNESS PROGRAM in the SAFEST and MOST EFFICIENT way through GREAT TRAINING and COACHING using my EXPERTISE, KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE. I Promise you an EXPERIENCE you will always remember!  During our WORK TOGETHER I will teach you to CONNECT and feel YOUR BODY, become more CONSCIOUS of YOUR BODY.  THIS IS WHAT I SPECIALIZE IN. I CONNECT. 
I teach you to lift weights but you will learn to CONNECT WITH YOUR BODY and SOUL.  

Opleiding & Diplomas
ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Group Instructor, AALO STEP PRESENTER, AALO MASTER MANAGER, NLP praktitioner course

23+ years of experience in the Health, Weighttraining,Group class instruction and training, performing at National & International level in the dedicated sport of bodybuilding, using FOCUS, DEDICATION, DISCIPLINE, STRUCTURE, ORGANIZING AND PLANNING to be able to reach my goals of 2x National Champion, World CHampion, European Champion and Miss Universe, all attained after the age of 40 yrs old! 
Furthermore I am experienced in membership administration, communication in settings of 1 on 1 and small to large groups. Structure and planning are strong work ethics that I hold.If you want to know more about me than feel free to send me an email. I will be looking forward to meetimg you! 
Extra info
I travel as well for guest speaking and guest workshops                                   To receive information on workshop and speaking topics email me at Vivian@vivianhylkema.com